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Originally Posted by 808E90 View Post
On the Big Island we had no such thing as recon so I really don't know much about it. So I got a few question about Oahu Recon stickers ...

What is or does Recon do for you?

Is it easier to get a safety check if you have Recon?

What can you have done to a car and still have it pass Recon?

Do you have to renew Recon every year like a safety check?

Thanks for any help
Here's the info on the recon, the rules have changed recently, for the better. Certain mods you do to your car need a reconstruction permit. This permit is necessary to get a safety check. Well technically it's needed, most safety check places will ask for a recon permit if they notice your car is modified. If you don't have it, they won't pass you. Also if a cop pulls you over and sees your car is modded and needed a safety check, he ticket you for not having it.

The rules have become much more relaxed, so now basically the major thing you need recon for is suspension. If you modify your suspension, basically you'll need to get your wheels aligned within your car's factory specs. This may be a little harder than it seems because factory specs don't allow for much camber. So if you lower your car more than about an inch, you'll probably need to also get a camber kit. Toe can be adjusted without a kit. Also your wheels cannot stick out past your fenders, and your front tires have to turn from lock to lock w/o rubbing the fender.

Another thing you'll need recon for is body kits/spoilers. The rules are not real specific, but the kit cannot stick out too far from the car, as to catch someone's clothing/extremities when they walk past your car.

If you change only your wheels, intake, lighting, and/or exhaust, you do NOT need to get recon. BUT once you mod your car that requires a recon (suspension, body kit, etc), then you need to get your recon permit UPDATED to reflect these non-recon items on your car. The recon permit papers has like a checklist of all types of items, and they check off what you have on your car. Weird huh.

I'm not sure what the rules are for engine mods.

Also the recon station is VERY strict with your tint. Your tint cannot be darker than 35% minus 7%(if i recall correctly). This is total %, including any factory stain in your glass. I originally got 35% on my windows, but apparently the windows are stained from the factory, so my tint + windows came out to be like 1% less than legal, and the failed me. Had to get it stripped and put on 40%. So lame.

And your car also has to be legal in every other DOT way, like reflectors, turn signals, windshield wipers, horn, etc.

To get more specific info, you can call the recon station and ask to speak to an inspector, they will give you exact details on any questions you have. They are usually cool because they are car enthusiasts themselves so they are helpful. The number for the station is 733-2542. The station is in Kapahulu, across from Market City, under the bridge, across from Foodland.

Safety check is good for life, and does NOT need to be renewed. It only has to be updated any time you add mods to your car. i.e. take it back to the station to get it updated. They are open from like 9-3, and take appointment only. The application fee is $15, and free for updates. LMK if you have any other questions.

So actumally the way my car stands now, it's 100% legal in the state of Hawaii. Good to know if I ever get pulled over, and I won't have trouble getting a safety check. It's not that hard to keep your car legal, as long as you know and stay within the rules.
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