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My Huricane Evacuation Story...

My cousins have been staying with me since shortly after Katrina hit while New Orleans is being rebuilt, and we have been having a great time hanging out at my house as I hardly ever see them but then the news starts ranting about some other huricane coming to houston (where my house is) and I just thought oh well when was the last time a huricane hit houston we will be fine right... Next thing I know my dad calls me (last wednesday) he is screaming "Alex, Get your shit together you need clothes for Four or Five days we are evacuating and our flight leaves in an hour and a half" I run upstairs tell my cousins to pack up get my stuff together and we all head to the airport. I had no idea where we were going untill i got to the check in line and saw the rest of my family they said that we were going to phoenix. I was so confused, I started asking them what was in phoenix isnt that just the middle of the dessert??? Well we got on the plane and lets just say I am happy that we evacuated because when we got there a car picked us up and took us to the phoenecian (or however it is spelled) apparently my dad had booked the presidential suite damn it was huge we had so much fun I completly forgot about the hurricane... Well I got back last night and there are trees all over the place one of them landed in my backyard like 5 feet away from my parents room! I cant wait to get everything cleaned up and back to normall but now I have a few days off from school by order of the mayor and it looks like this huricane has worked out for the better.