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Originally Posted by ICALL
Thank you for taking the time to put a detailed "How To" post together for us.

My last car was washed once in over 18 months(other than the frequent Florida rainstorms) and that was the day before the lease inspector came to check my car for damage.

I just brought my brand new 335i home and put over 100 miles on it within 24 hours. By the 2nd day the rims were covered in brake dust and the car was filthy. Couldn't resist washing it. I went with a MF sponge that looks like one of those shaggy dogs and meguire's gold car wash(available at Target). It suds nice, but I'll be following your advice going forward. Should I just throw away this stuff or finish it?(Money really not an issue). Is that sponge good or should I just purchase one from one of the sites you mentioned?

Down here in south Florida, we have a severe bug problem. I see you are pretty meticulous when it comes to washing your car(two buckets and spraying off the sponge after each swipe). What would you recommend as the best way to remove these suicide bombers? How bad are those mesh sponges at Target for my brand new paint job?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions.
Hold onto the gold class car wash. I use it and think it is great stuff. As for the wash sponge you are using, put it aside. I'm not a fan of sponges or MF for washing (strands on MF are too short). Get yourself a quality sheepskin wash mitt. Those typically have longer strands and will allow you to wash the car more safely (less chance of introducing swirl marks).

As for the bug problem, you will need to use a quality sealant. I recommend Zaino. This will allow the bug guts to wash off easier.