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although it may be frustrating and bad tactics on their part, it is not illegal and definitely not bindnig because nothing is signed and verbal or email statements don't mean jack crap.

Just like the saying "Prices are subject to change without notice." or "Promotions subject to change with or without notice".

The only time when anything, and everything is tried and true and legitimate is when you sit down, agree to the numbers and you and the dealer sign the papers. In this case, only two of those circumstances happen.

1. When you buy the car and you sign the super long yellow paper which includes the price of the car, apr, taxes, license fees, registration, insurance, etc.

2. When you order the car and you sign the order form agreeing to the price + TTL.

in fact, the salesman can say the car is $50grand, have it all ready to go, then as you waltz into the finance guy's office, if it shows $55 grand on paper, and you sign it... well crap.. thats your problem then for not reading.
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