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JB3 at Laguna Seca

I went to Laguna Seca on Friday to give it my best and ended up having a couple stories to tell.
I made the decision to start focusing on having more track sessions instead of just the strip, but it's a lot crazier (that's for sure).
Tracking is such a humbling experience.
I realize how much I suck and how much more there is to learn.

I wanted to see the track before my first session, so I started asking around to see if I could ride with anyone and everyone had an excuse with why not to take me. It was understandable.
So then I asked a group of guys to see if they were in the black group. One guy said "Yah...why?" I was saying that I just wanted to ride with someone to see the track so he said that it should be a problem.
So, I asked, "Which is your car?"
He said that it was the yellow one over there.

Yep, it was a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.
This was the start of my day.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that I ran the JB3 the entire time on map 3 and it was flawless. No limp modes at all, and oil temps were maxed at 270-280. Power was great but the driver obviously needed some help. I had an instructor for the first session, but I probably needed the instructor for all of the sessions, because it felt like whatever I learned flew out the window after the second session.
I spun off the track pretty bad, and that killed the rest of the day.
I spent the rest of the day pulling out rocks from places you wouldn't think of.

I really think that most of the time people get limp modes with tunes deal with another issue that is happening with their car. For example, in the past, I took this car to the track and would get CELs, but it had nothing to do with a tune. My wastegates were sticking. I eventually had to get new turbos, and now everything is running great.

The car is ok, and thanks to the gravel...that saved me from going into the wall. That would have hurt.

So, here is a vid of my lap and my wipe out, and I have some pictures of my car with all of the gravel everywhere.
Also, pics of the Lambo.

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