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Nice work!

I love Laguna favorite track in the world.

Two tips for you:

1) This is personal preference, but you may be able to pick up a bit of time by doing a double apex (for lack of a better term) into turn 2. Halfway between turns 1 and 2, start moving to the left of the track and start braking at the same time. You will be braking in a straight line but on the track you will be moving from right to left.

2) In general, I noticed that one thing you're doing on a couple of the corners is you're cutting off where the car tracks out after a corner. Don't be afraid of using up the whole track. Let the car go where it wants to go before you gently reign it back in to set up for the next corner.

I noticed this after the can let the car track out a little bit more to the left before you head back to the right to set up for turn 9.

Same with the exit out of turn 9. You seem to be pinching off and keeping your steering wheel turned to the left after you exit turn 9. Don't be afraid to track out further to the right after turn 9 exit as you may be able to pick up a few mph by not cutting off your turns.

Anyways, good work. I think you did very well.

P.S. Don't worry about the spin. Everyone does it