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Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
are you out of the warranty period already?

BMW has a list of oils that should be used if not using their own brand. You will most likely need to buy your own oil and filter and have them do the labor if you wanted a mechanic to do it, unless you go to a BMW specific shop and they stock BMW approved oil and filters.

changing oil is simple and any mechanic can do it. its just a matter of if they have the required oil and filters. but whatever you do, dont go to those quick lube places.
Hi! I'm not out of warranty yet (I still have until 2013). Would it be best if i simply bought my own oil and filter, then go to the mechanic and hand those over to them? I don't have a leverage to jack up my car so I cant go underneath it. Also, I don't have my own garage, so I can't really do this on the street I think.