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Originally Posted by Backattack
I think the compression ratio on the 335i is 10.5/1, so what exactly is the air pressure in the cylinder at TDC when running stock vs. XEDE boosted? My rough numbers are about 250psi and 275psi respectively. Aren't the D-Injectors working a "little harder" after the XEDE mod? I feel that the Direct Injectors will be the most sensitive part of this equation. Do you offer a warranty on an engine that has been XEDE modded? Or at least warranty the components like the Turbo and Direct Injection system for 50K miles? I mean, if none of this causes any damage to the vehicle wouldn't that be simple to do; provide a warranty? Thanks.... My 335i Sedan will be here middle of December... it will be your next 'experiment' if you can warranty your work and the engine too.
Making fun of my question is one way of answering it... not sure if it's the right way. It seems the two questions that keep getting dodged are the warranty/factory warranty, and dynamic mapping... I guess it's in your best interest not to answer honestly. Good nuff for me.