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Originally Posted by Backattack
Making fun of my question is one way of answering it... not sure if it's the right way. It seems the two questions that keep getting dodged are the warranty/factory warranty, and dynamic mapping... I guess it's in your best interest not to answer honestly. Good nuff for me.
Sorry, I really didn't mean to make fun of you questions. My point is that unless you want to pay a massive premium guarding against something that simply wont happen, the idea of a tuning shop offering a drivetrain warranty on performance items isn't going to happen. I really don't want to charge an obnoxious amount of money for a upgrade kit that delivers 50% of what it should. And the majority of people don't want to pay for such a kit either. Even if it does include a very-limited warranty coverage claim.

And I'm still not sure what you mean by "dynamic mapping." I don't think I have a history of dodging questions (esp. technical ones). So please explain what you mean.