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Originally Posted by MarkA
He didn't start with a 320i. Do some research on the BMW 320Si .

You will see that the 'Si' was specially built to exploit FIA WTCC Racing homologation rules. They created 2600 examples which have a massively different engine from the 320i. One which is hand built by the BMW F1 engine builders with a lighter stronger block, higher compression, exotic cylinder coatings, no valvetronic, bigger honed valves, stronger springs, different programming and a higher rev limit etc. The Si comes standard with the full M-Sport suspension (dampers, springs, sway bars etc), full M-Sport exterior and interior, bigger brakes, stronger hub carriers and 18'' light weight wheels from BBS.

The engine is light, low in the chassis and set so far back in the car, it's almost mid-engined, resulting in one of the most agile 3 series models in the range.

This limited edition model meant that they could then use that technical base within the rules to build a more reliable, aggressive and competitive race car.

The WTCC rules state you have to use a production engine as the base and it must have no more than 2.0 litres. Proof that all this trouble worked out for BMW is seen in the fact that, the Si racing car on it's *first* season has won the WTCC championship.

So... the production 320si was only available for 6 months, to a limited run of 2600 units and was ONLY available officially in Europe. That makes it a pretty rare BMW in Europe... but in Japan..

Yoshina has probably only one of maybe *three* in Japan!!!

So that makes his car pretty damn unique and EVEN more cool.

ok my bad haha sorry i'm all the way down here in australia and have never heard of a 320si

but now that i have, the idea of Yoshina's car make sense to me and i'm thoroughly impressed
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