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Fantastic thread.

When looking for an e91 we did go to big motoring world (secondhand bmw specialist). Phoned first to make sure cars we were interested in were there, had a hire car for the weekend partly because of this - ready to purchase. Got there to be greeted by perhaps one of the most dismissive slimy human beings i've ever encountered (and i'm probably BMWs main demographic). Car i'd phoned earlier about had actually been sold several days before. Was not allowed to test drive the car (despite being told i would be able to) and Mr Slimy graciously allowed me to sit in a car to help my purchasing decision. Needless to say we bought a car the next day 200 miles away in birmingham, rather than the 20 miles away of big motoring world (second hand bmw specialist).

They really managed to push the boundaries of the stereotypical car sales outfit. I did think i was on a jeremy beadle show at one point and expected the hidden cameras to be revealed.