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Originally Posted by Dave_3 View Post
Really ?

I know a hell of a lot of 2nd in command people that are simply fantastic at what they do, but have no desire to be in charge.

I also know a lot of people who operate just out of the lime-light, letting alpha-male wannabes knock themselves out before nipping in and getting what they want. Bit like the clever monkeys letting the alpha-male defend the pack, get into the blazing fights but then quietly shagging away while the alpha-male sleeps.

Depends if it is a perceived social position in the heirarchy that you crave from your peers - or the actual rewards

Being so one-dimensionally an alpha male is also a weakness.

More than one way to skin a cat.

I agree with you in that case Davey, but was only using humans as an example due to the confusion earlier since people hadn't a clue wtf I was on about . Since you guys know what I am referring to now let's use the whole animal kingdom in this discussion and you will see that your theory is flawed because in the animal kingdom the top dog/alpha male is the only one allowed to breed with the rest of the females until someone either beats challenges/beats him or he dies from injuries.