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Originally Posted by Dave_3 View Post
Hyenas humble Lions in efficiency, and regularly bully them. Hyenas also have a top dog (alpha female is actually the correct techincal term) in their social pack. And they decide who mates with them. How is that different to your definition of "Alpha" ?
I agree with what you say. The word ALPHA can have many meanings for example it could mean living up to the expectations of what another male expects, it is a vast study and I think you've cottoned on to a small part of it. I'll post more pics of what I mean below. But in generality a hyena does not strike me as an ALPHA entity. It's a scavenger who relies on its beta tendencies to scavenge on a lion or equivalent. Is this really dominant behaviour?? Sure it is in the hyena scheme of things but it is not ALPHA as it just is not the way you would want to be. A lion who is a true ALPHA male who claims his prey by killing them, fighting off potential threats to his pride and surviving is a true ALPHA.

More general ALPHA pics:

Guy saving women from certain death in a makeshift harness takes real balls TRUE ALPHA behaviour

Aware he is a fictional character but an ALPHA one at that

Here is a true ALPHA pic

And another one I like since I spend a lot on protein powder too.