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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
oh so the kit your running is not triggered on boost or rpm? What is it triggered on? Where did you tap for the nozzles? Charge pipe or Intake Mani?

I think my kit will be setup for 10psi activation, boost targets should be around 16-17psi. Similar to a highly modded n54.
This car responds remarkably well to water methanol. The IATs fly down regardless of the volume you spray in my experience. Also since this is a DI motor, it seems quite sensative to quench. Right now I am boost only (I know what you are going to say). I know it is not ideal to accurately control quanity of fluid injected, but that will change with the new controller.

I used the STETT Performance charge pipe to tap. That is basically 8 inches or so from the throttle body.