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Originally Posted by deamon32 View Post

I own a JB3 and am very happy with it, but over a week ago Mike made some claims and promised to back up those claims with data. Those claims were that monitoring knock through just the total ignition time advance is not always sufficient and that the DME learns around the CPS offset that the procede uses.

So far the logs that have been posted really don't address either of those two points and as far as I am concerned the ball has been in your court for several weeks now and during that time Shiv and other procede users have posted countless logs while we are still looking at the same two logs from N54Tech.

Starting to get a little bit frustrated as a JB3 user, I really don't care about sides but if one side is going to make claims don't let everyone hang in the wind while it takes you several weeks to gather logs to back up those claims.
That is fair enough, but we've posted some of the data and explained the variance issue. Work continues, and hopefully controlled dyno testing will give us the run to run repeatability to irrefutably show how CPS offsetting is learned out.

On the second issue, timing drops not being indicative of "knock retard". I haven't put together much data on it as it's a complex issue. But here are a couple examples. Here are two V3 "Stage 3" run files. One with 100% CPS, one with 50% CPS. Both indicate sudden timing drops. If this was actual knock, power output should dramatically drop, yet the accompanying dyno charts for each look impressively smooth. These sudden timing drops don't appear to indicate knock at all.

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