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Opens fine here? CPS offset and a V3 log is included. The runs are adapted but if we agree on the presentation I can capture data this way on the dyno for a fuller picture. That will also give us a dyno reference to look for power dips, etc.

As mentioned, regular zipping didn't work...

Why present that unless tring to confuse people? A maximum of 6 degrees advance at 3200 RPM is not a real pull. To be frank, I will always try and have an open mind but when presented with what I have heard in the last week or so, I am becoming skeptical of motives.

I am disappointed with being being fed lies to promote an effort to support BMS's claims. I was told there was a proprietary method of controlling timng and it was direct. I attempted to support that notion only to waste time and recently to learn it was a complete fabrication.

BTW, let Terry know I want my $45 back (for the burner that did not work with my laptop).