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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
As mentioned, regular zipping didn't work...

Why present that unless tring to confuse people? A maximum of 6 degrees advance at 3200 RPM is not a real pull. To be frank, I will always try and have an open mind but when presented with what I have heard in the last week or so, I am becoming skeptical of motives.

I am disappointed with being being fed lies to promote an effort to support BMS's claims. I was told there was a proprietary method of controlling timng and it was direct. I attempted to support that notion only to waste time and recently to learn it was a complete fabrication.

BTW, let Terry know I want my $45 back (for the burner that did not work with my laptop).
What do you mean by not a real pull? Some logs had 6 degrees at 3200rpm, some had more like 2. If you mix them all up we'll get the average over many runs. This method of timing evaluation seems like the way to go but I'm open to discussion on it. It is in Excel so if a mistake was made in the formulas, etc, do please correct. Adding the offset in was a manual process.

As always any customer service inquiries for orders from other vendors need to go to those vendors. I don't have your $45


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