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Originally Posted by E90Fleet
Word from 1 of the BMW NA engineers I emailed

1) N52 requires at least LL-01 in ALL markets

2) Germany sets all oil requirements and does the oil approval tests.

3) Oils given in little service booklet are for topup, because BMW expects customers to have full oil changes done for free at dealers

4) He believes there are 2 typos, first the 5W-40 should be the LL-01 approved 0W-40

Secondly the older "standard" 5W-30 is definately NOT approved, but the new USA "Gold Top" "Extended performance" Mobil 1 5w-30 is busy being tested by BMW Germany and BMW NA believes it will get its LL-01 approval since it is similar to the European one that got LL-04 approval.
But second typo the list should have said the extended version and not the standard version.

But again, the oil is not approved for full services yet, just for topups

He will be informing his managers as to the believed typos in the booklets and that they should clearly state its for topups

He says they believe in the USA the "BMW synthetic" is the best one to choose, because its additive package was specifically designed for BMW by Castrol.

E90 fleet:

Thank you for all the great informaiton you have provided so far. I don't want to get into too much detail, but based on the last quote from the engineer you spoke with, would I be correct to assume the BMW oil is a better choice than Mobil 1 0W - 40 because its additive package was specifically designed for BMW by Castrol?