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Three years to win the championship.... they are just being stupid.... utterly disappointed.

I mean, look at it, this year everyone was surprised with Brawn and co. cheating their way (double deck diffuser, etc) to win the first couple of races and no where to be found when their exploit/legal gap is no longer is unique. What did Ferrari and McLaren and Renault do? Develop, work hard, and McLaren Ferarri KERS OneTwo was the result. What did BMW do? They gave up KERS because they can't extract benefits from it in the first half of the season, and they gave up F1 just because they can't win in the first 3 seasons. Quitters and whiners...

So disappointed in BMW. M SUVs, heavy ass poser Z4 and no M Z4. Now quitting F1... What's next?

BMW is the next Honda. From sports intention and passion, to SUVs and Huge Sedans. Green and eco are fine... but isn't BMW about passion and being the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'? They are more like ultimate ball-less machines now...