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Originally Posted by Angry3 View Post
OK, I'll bite:

1. Mk, you don't seem a bit concerned about the fact that the car was sold to you without the Dinan flash being disclosed. The Dinan flash arguably has value, but it's also indicative of the use the car had before you got it, and I would have wanted to know about it before I paid a bunch of $ for this car. FWIW the seller of the car almost certainly knew about it between the paperwork and the sticker that should be on the ECU box.

2. I thought the stage 1 code was less than $1999, did the dealer or Dinan shop rip the previous owner off?

3. Why not take the car to the nearest Dinan shop, have it checked out, and make sure the code is loaded and the car is making the power it should. The Dinan warranty should be transferable on sale, the car thus has coverage from BMW and Dinan so if it's not running properly they have an obligation to fix it.

You just got the car, why not be patient with things and see if you can be happy with a car that should be making 300+ RWHP with a full warranty before you put on the JB3 and toss those warranties away. It's one thing IMHO to choose a JB3 over Dinan on their respective merits, it's quite another to toss away a $2K tune paid for by the previous owner and the warranty that comes with it for the sake of another 30 or 40 HP.

Just my thoughts, feel free to disregard if you don't agree
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