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Unhappy Squeaky sound at low speeds

Hi Guys,
Hope I'm posting in the correct area.
Hopefully somebody can help me.
My 320i has a subtle squeaking (almost like a lose spring)
at low speeds, and when going over bumps or slightly uneven roads. I can hear this sound when I take off from stand still to about 50-60km/h, after that the sound goes away.
At first I thought it was coming from the engine.
Booked it in at Forsdicks Sandton, and they said that they lubed the V belt, checked the suspension and everything is fine.
Drove the car home, and what do you know, that subtle squeak was back.

The sound is driving me insane, and also quite embarassing if a passenger is in the car, as the car is still quite new (2008).
The sound is like something you would hear in a 10yr old squeaky shocks car.
Have any of you experienced this?
Any advice would be appreciated!