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No one is faulting anyone for discussing features, but there is a right and wrong way to go about things.

So it's fair to discuss what you feel your tune does better, but the scare tactics, FUD, and insults employed by some are transparent and underhanded. Some of these people have a track record of this style of marketing on other platforms, and on this platform with other tuners, so this isn't an isolated case.

Seeing as you brought this theme up and speaking on that note.....the BMS group has condoned such personal attacks over on their website which in my opinion are for more disturbing.

I happened to witness first-hand the publication of personal information and photographs of some members and moderators of this site over on the N54 forum.

This included googling and posting locations and photographs of their residences, careers,and personal and work email addresses as well as defamation of their characters.

You can go visit N54 right now and see the latest photoshop creation of lawdude and shiv.

I sure wouldn't want someone publishing that kind of stuff about me on the internet.....would you?

Do you consider that professional and acceptable?

I have yet to see such posts here on E90 that include this level of intrusion into people's personal lives.

I have seen the arguments here get personal and condescending, but at least that's on the surface and no one is tracking down and stalking/humiliating members with personal information.

I have received emails from BMS under the guise of customer opinions against the Procede, which were presented to me as factual testimonials as to it's detectability.

Never once has Shiv forwarded negative customer testimonials to me.

I am not saying I approve of Shiv's conduct, but I do understand the history behind this tuner battle and don't blame him sometimes.

I just can't stomach the defamation of character that keeps cropping up over at N54 and have to wonder how long it will be before I am a target as well.

Talk about a right way and a wrong way to handle things.

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