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Are you talking about the lawdude photoshop? I didn't even see it until I went looking for it because of your post here. That wasn't posted by BMS and it isn't their role to protect lawdude. He posted his own website URL some time ago and seems to bring that attention to himself. I'm sure if it got really nasty they would close the thread but it looks like a photoshop post and a bunch of laughs, at least for now.

If you are really concerned send an admin an email or PM over on N54.

Well, since you parroted what Terry told me (after I contacted him about the situation as you suggested), you should be aware that the photoshop picture is a copyrighted photo. Not only could the person who photoshopped it (it was either a BMS employee or in a thread started by a BMS employee) be sued, but the host also could be sued. At this point I'm not so inclined. I just quit posting over there.

Any other suggestions?
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