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Are you talking about the lawdude photoshop? I didn't even see it until I went looking for it because of your post here. That wasn't posted by BMS and it isn't their role to protect lawdude. He posted his own website URL some time ago and seems to bring that attention to himself. I'm sure if it got really nasty they would close the thread but it looks like a photoshop post and a bunch of laughs, at least for now.

If you are really concerned send an admin an email or PM over on N54.

This latest incident is not what I speak of.

I believe there was a post which showed googled pictures of Shiv's residence and personal data of 1addicts moderators including work-related email addresses of a moderator as well as lawdude.

I believe it was started as a result of members asking why Terry was banned from these sites.

You should recall these incidents because they were posted just as you came on-board as a vendor and I recall Terry posting that they were deleted so as to prevent any chance of you being banned as a vendor from E90 as a result of it.

One may claim that it was public domain data, but that doesn't make it right in my view.

My point is not to chastise you, but to demonstrate that this behaviour goes on in both camps.

Sure it's entertaining for a while and can even be considered part of the marketing campaign, but IMHO it crosses the line when moderators at N54 condone the posting of personal information like that.

But I know what you are saying......sometimes it adds humour to villify others and it's only human nature.