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Great thread...

I'm a Custom Install Consultant/Engineer. Basically I design and program automation/control systems for the anonymous rich in their homes.

We integrate multi-room AV, lighting, heating, air-con, security and just about any other mechanical or electrical/electronic device or building service. Put the controls for it all onto wireless or wall mounted touch-screens and web-interfaces etc. Typical installation runs from 10k for basic multi-room audio up to ri-god-damn-diculous money (think 400k+) for a fully integrated 30 zone audio/video distribution system with heating, lighting, blinds & curtains, air-con, security, cctv, fire alarm, irrigation control, telephony & IT and access control systems (think biometric door entry etc).

If any one wants a top notch home cinema, some lighting controls or some multi-room audio or any of the other services I've mentioned hit me up

Great job overall, has it's good and bad days as all jobs do