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Originally Posted by CoolToolGuy View Post
IMHO, BMW is in business to sell vehicles (not to race), and they think that racing improves the breed - YMMV.

Just like for individuals, a recession may require companies to make some cutbacks - and the circus that is F1 would probably be among my first choices. If BMW stayed in, they would have to commit (via the Concorde Agreement) to stay in until 2012. I think their money is best spent elsewhere. Again, YMMV.

Porsche quit LeMans to deveiop the Cayenne & Panamera and that, to me, is a form of racing that is closer to the development of street cars than F1. At least BMW has not (yet) pulled out of ALMS and other such series.

But if you think arguing with Bernie and dealing with Max's eccentricities are more important than developing technologies for the future, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. In that case, YMDV.

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Finally, some logic in this thread. It makes more sense for BMW to concentrate on racing series that provide closer development for the road cars. F1 is out of control, and there is no point throwing away money that could be better invested elsewhere.

I also expect Mercedes to at least scale down their involvement and Renault to get out altogether.

Despite what the politicians say, the car companies are still in for many hard years. They can't afford to be spending money on something that really only helps them sell some t-shirts..... and yes I have 2 (t-shirts that is)