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very poor.
"its fantastic" and the world is so fekked up that they may as well not have made it. was the message i got. It was like bono was reviewing it.
I think top gear is now past its sell by date in its current form. Keep james may, get rid of hammond and replace with a proper fit bird and get clarkson on a different tip.
Some ideas.
Used car of the week.
Replace a star in a reasonably priced car , with the stig in a member of the publics motor.
Ditch the races in cars vs trains etc. v boring now and way too long.
Expand the news feature and more reviews of new cars.
Sat nav reviews, appraisals of options on cars, best hi fi in a car, mod reviews, best driving roads, santapod 1/4 mile times, hire purchase appraisals, classic car section - blast from the past, detailing, petrol prices, best repair shops, tyre reviews....

Its so limited in its current form. I am fed up with seeing a load of cheap cars driving round africa, smearing cheese on james mays radiator etc. I do want to punch richard hammond these days.

come on tg sort it