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Originally Posted by Swiller View Post
very poor.
"its fantastic" and the world is so fekked up that they may as well not have made it. was the message i got. It was like bono was reviewing it.
I think top gear is now past its sell by date in its current form. Keep james may, get rid of hammond and replace with a proper fit bird and get clarkson on a different tip.
Some ideas.
Used car of the week.
Replace a star in a reasonably priced car , with the stig in a member of the publics motor.
Ditch the races in cars vs trains etc. v boring now and way too long.
Expand the news feature and more reviews of new cars.
Sat nav reviews, appraisals of options on cars, best hi fi in a car, mod reviews, best driving roads, santapod 1/4 mile times, hire purchase appraisals, classic car section - blast from the past, detailing, petrol prices, best repair shops, tyre reviews....

Its so limited in its current form. I am fed up with seeing a load of cheap cars driving round africa, smearing cheese on james mays radiator etc. I do want to punch richard hammond these days.

come on tg sort it
I couldn't disagree more.

If I wanted to watch Fifth Gear I know what channel it's on thanks. The point is Top Gear isn't that kid of show, and thank god I say! Top Gear is about light hearted banter, piss taking, controversy and above all attracting a wider audience. My wife loves top gear, not for the cars and their relative performances but for the dynamic between, JC, RH and JM (scripted or not). Would she watch Fifth Gear? Not bloody likely! I know loads of women that also watch TG and that simply wouldn't happen with the format you propose as that's "just another boring car show".

I think JC was making a rather deep statement really if you looked at a lot of the visuals. A lot of things there specifically to stir the emotions (poppy fields at a time of high military losses for example). I think what he's actually saying is that the war on speed has been lost, it's over! Thanks to the faceless pen pushers and their misguided statisics, the car as a means of enjoyment is no more. The cruel irony being that we now have more deaths on the roads thanks to current policy than if we'd have stuck with the old one of using those things called "traffic police".

After those 4 minutes or so I was honestly expecting the bombshell of, no more Top Gear
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