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Originally Posted by NathanJT View Post
I think JC was making a rather deep statement really if you looked at a lot of the visuals. A lot of things there specifically to stir the emotions (poppy fields at a time of high military losses for example). I think what he's actually saying is that the war on speed has been lost, it's over! Thanks to the faceless pen pushers and their misguided statisics, the car as a means of enjoyment is no more. The cruel irony being that we now have more deaths on the roads thanks to current policy than if we'd have stuck with the old one of using those things called "traffic police".
I totally agree. shot of the poppy field as he spoke about loss was very clever.

The shot of the deer running across the road was wonderful as well.

The artistic direction and cinematography on top gear is light years ahead of any other TV programme, not just car programmes - anything!