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Originally Posted by express705 View Post
i found these pads that are for the e90 sedan. i have been told that they are better than OEM, and they dont give off any dust. im willing to try these out.

if anyone is intrested, i will ship them out to you also.

akebono is a good brand, and if you dont know, they make the BBK for the G37S.

does anyone have experience with these pads?
I had them in my '08 and my '09 will have a set installed Thurs.
They dust but about 80% less.Stopping power is virtually the same IMO opinion for street use.
Track and autocross may be a different story.I don't do either so the Akebono Euro Ceramics work well for me.
Akebono doesn't make rear ceramics yet but I found Axxis / PBR Metal Master Street Pads at to dust much less than stocks in the rear.