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Vegas Shiv Tune!!!!

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Ok heres the deal i spoke w Calvin at Vishnu and we can schedule Shiv to come out here to Vegas intsall and tune the Exeds on a dyno, (must be a chassis dyno ie. dyno dynamics, dynojet, mustang etc.) not really sure the difference between them all so if somone knows of one in town hook it up. Its $1300 for the Xede and the tune, and we have a to whack up half of Shivs airfare and hotel between all of us. So heres my take, schedule for a weekend in January, lets say 12-14th, depending on how long he may want to stay in Vegas??? so estimate 11-14th....roundrip ticket $200. Hook up a hotel on the strip, any connections?????? estimated $300. So $500 bt 5 maybe more an extra $100 a person total $1400 or so.....for 335i that is as fast as an brainer. Not too sure about dyno time but prob another $500 or so so add another $100 each just thought of that. $1500 total isnt bad at all, it beets driving 10hrs to Nor Cal and spending that yourself to stay up there. Everyone who's in please call Calvin at Vishnu, they require a 20% deposit so $260. lets git r dun