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RWD only.
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Thanks dude! alias is pretty damn expensive unless u have a student ID, and the bootleg versions suck. Its pretty hard to pick up too. Alot of people use photoshop, but its too mechanical and it doesnt have the feeling of drawing as much as studio paint. I would try to perfect your hand skills b4 u get into the computer. The only school i know of out there is Art Center, which is considered to be the best automotive design school in the world. Bangle went there, haha. I went to Cleveland Institute of Art.
yeah, ACCD is where i wanna go. big hopes lol. almost all US designers for BMW are from that school.

i think i have my line work down pat, but my perspective, specifically from the rear 3/4 is still rough. lighting is also fine, but i can't get that glossy mettallic look down. mine end up looking like they have a matte finish...
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