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Originally Posted by UnknownSpiritX5 View Post
Apparently, the A4 and S models are much better than the 3 series (328 and 335, etc -- except M) and they are priced at a reasonable amount too? By better, I mean in terms of engine and overall performance. Apparently, the interior setup is a much higher quality as well...?

Are there any BMW owners here who've owned both an Audi and BMW? How do you compare both?

If I was planning to buy a new car sometime soon, would buying an Audi A4 or S model be better than buying a BMW (even if its the M3) ?
I don't have my 335i yet (first bimmer), but i think BMW's got something with their "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan. If it drives as well as I think it will, that might be why it costs more. But then again, I'm a noob, so just my two cents I guess.

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