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Originally Posted by mrad01 View Post
Funny this topic should come up now!

I am a 335i coupe owner. I've just driven an Audi A6 V6 Quattro from Sydney to Melbourne.

Basically, I don't think I would want to buy an Audi. Very simply:

- They look HOT from the outside. No doubt.
- Their engines are noisy and have CRAP power delivery. It has power - its just the crap way it delivers it.
- The seats don't hold a candle to BMW seats
- My biggest problem is the lack of steering feel - But I was told that this is because thats how the yanks like it. Bugger that.
- The interior. I think I have worked it out now. At first glance you think it looks luxurious. But after a while you realise that it has been designed by a drunken man with one arm tied to his penis. Lots of things to make it look nice, but buttons and knobs everywhere with no sense of design and simplicity. For example, to open the glovebox. It is a bloody great button on the dashboard. My passenger went crazy looking for it, and then when we found it - it was miles away.
Or maybe the drink holders. There appeared to be one. But if you lift up the center armrest - there is another! Cool....NOT. So, the designer forces you to have 2 drinks in the holders and no armrest. I like the armrest on a long trip. Stupid.

So, overall, I think people who buy Audis these days are those who are drawn in by the looks (understandable), have no sense of "actual" good design - so they think it is awesome interior-wise. Because of that lack of good design sense, they don't know what the hell you are talking about when you point out the crap power delivery and terrible steering feel.

Of course, when I got back from my trip, everyone trumped my winge with a simple "Oh, well, get into an RS4 and you'll see how cool they are!!"
Bollox to that. So, let me understand this. You have to spend moon-beams on an RS4 to get a good Audi?

So, buy a car from the Skoda/VW/Audi family and I suspect you are now ending up with a Skoda unless you spend money on the RS range - from which you are actually getting into a "true" Audi.

BMW from the 1 series up have BMW DNA. No other influence or DNA poison.

(flame suit on.....but remember I have actually spent a lot of time in BMW AND Audis - the A4, S5 and A6 Quattro)
I'm all for BMW so don't get me wrong. You've just made a strong statement about BMW over Audi, but it took you three Audis to realized this?