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Originally Posted by jpsum View Post
If BMW and MB were to mate, the outcome would be an Audi.
Nah, I think if VW and Acura mate, it would make Audi.

Acura and Audi are very similar to me, they both are dressed up FWD cars from their regular cheaper line up (Honda and VW), with a dose of sport, technology and luxury mixed in.

The 3 series is not based upon a cheaper FWD platform, its built from the ground up to be a benchmark RWD sport sedan with driving dynamics as being priority one. Sure there might be faster cars out there on paper. This may sound a bit corny but you can't really put the ultimate driving experience of a BMW down on paper, it must be experienced in real life to understand.

If you drive a Jetta GLI and an A4 2.0T back to back, they will feel like the same car.