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Originally Posted by cb4 View Post
1. Audi isn't quite as luxurious as an MB nor quite as sporty as a Bimmer.
2. Its reliability is better than MB but not as good as BMW.
3. Its brand is 2nd tier compared to MB and BMW, if that matters.

Don't get me wrong Audi makes some fantastic cars (RS4, R8 for example). But if you are keeping this generic, and that is what you are asking, then Audi is 3rd in the list of luxo/performer German passenger car makes.

You can put all the horsepower and gadgets into a car, if it can't handle it ain't for me. BMW does the best job of combining sport and luxury. It has for many years. That's part of the reason the prices are high, and so are their margins.
I meant to say Audi is in between the two. So I totally agree with 1 and 2.