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Originally Posted by cb4 View Post
1. Audi isn't quite as luxurious as an MB nor quite as sporty as a Bimmer.
2. Its reliability is better than MB but not as good as BMW.
3. Its brand is 2nd tier compared to MB and BMW, if that matters.
On that second quote you're smoking a peace pipe... my 335xi had far more problems than my 2.0T A4 quattro...

Listen, I loved the 335xi and want to get another one... but reliability and BMW's dont belong in the same paragraph.... ask the people with the HPFP failures.... (In my case HPFP, Injectors, squaky brakes, antifreeze smell from AC vents ) My audi never left me stranded and all that was wrong with it is one xenon headlamp turning motor malfunction...
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