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Originally Posted by danniexi View Post
you're paying for:

1. craftsmanship
2. R & D
3. yes, maybe a bit of a BMW premium.

for each and every intercooler that's been sold here, i've seen evidences of constant testing to back up the product's effectiveness. the research and results put forth by the vendors/manufacturers give the consumer reassurance that the product WILL do its job. i'd like to see that kind of credibility on eBay/no name sites.

that's what you're paying for. not for the hunk of metal with two tubes sticking out at each end.

speaking of which i need one...

Almost all intercooler makers buy their cores, and only fashion their own end tanks/hangers. Unless you do something like make cast end tanks (a-la ams), you're just welding up a box with a tube.

Anything larger than stock works better. It's just stating the obvious to demonstrate that it cools more.

If you frequented 'cheaper car' forums and read about their products, you'd see plenty of graphs showing good results for 'ebay' or 'other' vendors.

In my opinion :

There's a lot of BMW premium...
A large part of the BMW premium is that for every 1 BMW intercooler sold, there are probably 30 honda intercoolers sold. Why bother unless you can charge more money...