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Originally Posted by Army335xi View Post
Which is what I said originally... But thanks for backing it up with some Hard Data... It's not worth it... If it was more like 50-100 added HP then, maybe it would be worth it, but 20... not worth it IMO... This is BMW's poor attempt to lure some people into the tune world while maintaining warranty. IF your really worried about warranty get a DINAN tune. I don't know how DINAN's Stage 1-3 compares to the BMW Performance Kit, but I'm sure for the money it's a lot better...
I think the only reason BMW is not putting it into the +50-100hp range, is due to the fact that this would canabalize their M3 sales.
Simple sales and marketing stragety, these power upgrades will still sell and they will most likely sell to the population of 335 owners who do not frequent sites of this nature. Which I might add is a large % of 335 owners.