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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Ok, I might be able to give a somewhat objective opinion here. A tuned 135 WOULD outrun a Lotus on the highway. Hell, a stock one probably could. I had a 2006 (pre-SC) Exige and the car essentially hits an aerodynamic wall at about 120mph. It generates tremendous downforce which actually hampers straight line performance (highway type driving) at high speeds but aids in turning at moderately high speeds. This is why the car does so well on small, twisty tracks without long straights. The 135i is definitely faster than my Exige was in a straight line on a highway. Easily.

On a track like Lime Rock, the Exige will probably be faster because it's a slow track with only one straight. Watkins Glen is a faster track where the 135i power would more than compensate for slower cornering.

Oh, and FWIW, there is absolutely no way in hell that the OP beat an Atom. Period.


I found that there were some curves I would spin on if I entered too SLOW, before I had enough downforce. Weirdest thing ever, I swear.