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First, check this out:


I had the Exige S as my first car, and my only car at the time, so I had no choice but to use it as a daily driver. I was driving at night around a really slow curve in the rain and a Mazda 3 tried to race me. I said eff it, and stayed at 40 mph, and he tried to cut around me. Didn't see my front fender and clipped it, sending me into oversteer. I managed to get it straight, but the car was still sliding left, so I touched a curb on the opposite side of the road with my front left tire. It sledgehammered the car backwards into a tree, but my passenger and I both walked away.

I ended up with a few ruptured discs that I didn't find out about until half my lower body went dead numb while I was playing hockey, but the car still saved my ass. I'm a little partial.Attachment 293690
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