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I'm sorry you made up a scenario in your head about a tuned 135i racing a stock Lotus Exige S on a highway. I should have known. Please accept my resignation as mayor of Crazytown...

We have differing opinions of the Lotus, that's fine. And FYI: I think heated seats are silly. I adhere strongly to my statement that the Exige S is a faster car. Especially in the most general sense, rather than only in straight lines.

I still say stock for stock the Exige S will blow a 135i out of the water on a highway pull...

Oh, you posted something about the naturally aspirated 2006 Exige, I've been saying Exige S, which is supercharged. You're stretching again. You already know what I'm saying, and you're trying way too hard. If you can't really disagree with what I'm truly arguing, WHY ARE YOU DISAGREEING?

And Jericho, yes, the Exige S was my first major purchase after I graduated. I got it out of Texas with 6K miles for 40.5K, which was still at the edge of what I could afford. But I drove the parents stick shift Saturn all the time before I had my own car, and my dad has a few sports cars I've driven, so it isn't like I had to learn to drive stick on it. The Exige was well worth the sacrifices, but I didn't want to replace it with the insurance payout. I figured I'd just get hit in the dark again if it was my only car.