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If your car is before 08', then you don't have the e-diff program.

The E-diff program is active when stability/traction is off. It is designed to act as a simply LSD, which prevents runaway wheel spin.

No e-diff program means that with reaction/stability 100% off, there is no electronic assist to stop a free-spinning wheel.

Quaife only works when wheels have load. If you actually spin a wheel (0 traction on one side), it stops working.

If you had the e-diff software, then the brakes would catch the free spinning wheel, causing a load on that wheel. Which in turn would make the quaife re-engage and you'd be all-good.

This is why I went with Wavetrac... because I don't have the e-diff software (XI) and I want the diff to keep working when one or both wheels slip.

Also, the clutch type LSD's lock depending on two things :
1) acceleraion or decelleration force.
2) wheel spin differential

You'd have to look into each model to see which it is. The common type I've seen is the (1) type.

They are better for super aggressive driving, but they interfere with 'normal' driving. I.E. they partially lock on light acceleration, which causes understeer in turns. Which of course turns to overseer as you apply more power.

For RWD, it's actually 'nice' because it stabilizes your car on soft sweepers.

But for a AWD, it just makes *more* understeer (as they tend to have some to begin with).