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Originally Posted by Heidelberg328i

look at the facts. (Don't forget I am also In Germany right now). She wants you to buy all American.

Hmm...why you may ask???

1) So she can brag to her german little girlfriends how cool your AMERICAN car is...after all, "I'm screwing an American GI with a MUSTANG!" So now she gets status with her friends.
2) German women are VERY, VERY CONTROLLING! They DEMAND you do what the hell they tell you to do, with no questions asked, it's the GERMAN WAY!
3) She is one step closer to you getting her that ID Card that authorizes her to go to the land of root beer floats, Baywatch, The Price is Right and dirt cheap living (well, compared to soon to be 19% TAX!!!)

Bimmer Dude...she is a PX whore. Cut your losses and enjoy screwing her for all she is worth. Soldier to another...this is YOUR GERMAN ASSIGNMENT AND YOUR RIGHT TO BUY WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT! If she is not happy (actually, 99% of German women NEVER ARE!) with your decision to buy quality, power, handling and overall craftsmanship, then who gives a hell about her. Just LOVE ALL THOSE GERMAN WOMEN EQUALLY THE SAME LIKE I DO!

No disrespect whatsoever to you BimmerDude, I always look out for Soliders...just don't want a Good Soldier to get dissed by these BEEOTCHES over here. I know EXACTLY what they are all about.

They hate us because US Soldiers are LOADED with money (best paid troops on the planet), we get gasoline breaks, tax breaks, HUGE discount on auto purchases, tax relief forms, and we always piss them off by asking for those two, four letter words, that Germans hate us using.......DEAL or SALE!!!!:rocks:

They hate us but secretly wish they WERE us! It's always the same over here.

Life is too short BMW!

Many regards,
BimmerDude in Heidelberg!

Wow man, you sound like some deutschland chick bit you in the ass!

Hey thanks for the words. I did end up breaking it off with her. Not just about the car thing, but you're right about a lot of what you said. I was always arguing with her about something and I never started any of it. Its like she has this voice telling her that I pissed her off about something.

As far as the ID card thing goes, she never really cared about that. BUT if I did have a mustang she woulda bragged to her friends about it, that I do know.

Being in this country and seeing all of these incredibly sexy women walk or ride their bikes by, wow this is the best country in the world!

Is the tax really going up from 16% to 19%? Damn! Sucks for the people here. Man.

I think I'm done with the whole girlfriend thing for a while and I'm just going to enjoy my time on this continent. Lifes too short.

By the way, if you're here long enough, do you want to see if we can somehow get Shiv over here? We'd need atleast 10 cars I think but he's said he would do it.


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