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Originally Posted by robbie99 View Post
You're welcome and congratulations on completing the install!

Diagrams have been updated with your latest colours. Thanks.
OK Because I have added the Tweeter speakers to the front door and because the Sub's are connected on the same circuit as the (now) 2 door speakers I now have 3 x 4 Ohm Speakers connected in Parallel. This means the load on the front channel of the Amp is 1.33333 Ohms. The Amp is not built to take this low a load (I am sure the Alpine will be the same!) and I keep getting a burning smell from the car when I get home on an evening (I park the car under the house in a enclosed Car Port). The smell is similar to melting plastic!

I Can't quite get my head round this.... I will try to explain (as I said earlier my Amp is the Blaupunkt I assume it works/connects in a similar way as the Alpine option). OK My Head Unit sends Front, left & Right and Rear Left & Right to the amp (4 channels). The Amp then sends out amplified Front, Left & Right and Rear, Left & Right. So If I am to connect the Subs to the Rear Channel I will have to do some cutting & splicing..right?
OK I cut the Rear Left & Right Outputs from the Amp and connect these directly to the Sub...? Now there is no sound what so ever coming from the rear! (because I have just cut the feed, right!) I can not feed the rear speakers from the head unit as this would result me loosing the input into the Amp and therefore loose the Rear (Now the Sub) Output.
The only way I can see getting round this is to connect the Subs in Parallel with the rear Speakers....
This would then mean the Amp is driving as follows Front two channels driving Front Left & Right Door Speakers & Tweeters (2 x 4ohms in parallel = 2 Ohms) and the rear two channels driving Rear Left & Right Door Speakers & Subs (again 2 x 4ohm speakers in parallel = 2 Ohms)
Would I be right in assuming the amp will only output what is input..e.g. If there is no rear left and right input from the head unit then there will be no output from the Amp's rear two channels?

See here for a description on connecting speakers

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