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Originally Posted by Steve748 View Post
For me the Alpine upgrade kit is as much as I want/need. Plenty loud enough and sound wise a big improvement over the standard crock o shite. You could spend a fair bit to get a better sound but when you consider the road/wind noise I don't think it's worth it.
I agree completely. I looked at going the 5 channel Blaupunkt route, but the ease of installation and price of the Alpine upgrade won the day. I decided, if I didn't think it was up to the job I'd strip it out and sell it on.

As others have said, its not going to break any windows with its loudness, but at medium to high levels it gives a great overall sound. Subs are driven properly and feel tight, better definition from the mids due to the upgraded drivers and tweeters, which as well all know should have been there anyway...

I was contemplating upgrading the subs to complete the package, swapping out for 8" earthquakes, but to be honest, the Alpine amp seems to match the subs well, and I am concerned that the Alpine amp won't actually do upgraded subs justice.

I'd certainly be interested to hear from anyone who has taken the Alpine upgrade to the next step with replacement subs. Is there a noticeable difference for the outlay?

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