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bmw e90 318i 2007

Hi all
i am a new bmw owner and recently purchased a used bmw e90 318i
i have a few issues that i was hoping you guys could assist me with

first the passenger front door leaks water, ive isolated the leak and the water leakage is somewere near the mirror and leaks into the carpets.
any ideas what could cause this and if its not a major repair how i could fix it myself ?

also the car is almost at 50.000km mark and the computer is telling me to have it serviced, i am trying to find out how much the 50.000 km service will cost and what it normally involves.

ive had bad luck with it, only had it a couple of months and
it has had both the front brake dishes replaced
also there was a faulty wheel bearing wich fell under warranty
and then there is the leaking door wich i am hoping i can fix myself to safe me some money (: