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Not true, my friend.

the e-diff was added march '08, and is not at all like what the earlier cars had. Earlier cars really need a Quaif – the latter cars would only show minimal benefits from a Quaif.

have you ever driven both cars hard with the DTC turned down or off? The earlier cars have the horrid “1 wheel” spin of an open differential. The latter cars behave very similar to a viscous LSD. It is seamless and not at all invasive. In road/track/Auto-X I have not found any down side to this. I do drive with DST turned down or off a fair amount of the time.

Yeah, I would rather have a Quaife than a viscous LSD or an e-diff, but that is a pretty minor difference compared to a completely open differential.

P.S. I liked your sig picture, but I still think it needs a fill flash to highlite that good looking (!) car you have - something like this below:

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
e-diff is the most absurd mislabel ever. It is brakes and power cuts. All E9xs have this, it's termed DSC/DTC. The post 03/08 version is programmed differently. The later version is not what I want because it is more invasive and apparently does not completely turn off some braking functions; IMO the pre 08 version works fine with all stages of DSC/DTC. Quaife or other LSD is great regardless of which version you have.
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