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Originally Posted by DJKhan85 View Post
How do you know if your car has an e-diff or not? I it listed when i run the vin? I have a february 08 build btw...

Easiest way is to find some dirt/snow. Turn DTC all the way off. Accelerate in a straight line, and in a J turn. Do you leave two even streaks, or are you getting a lot of wheel spin on one wheel?

The fun way of course is to do some hard driving on a track (or somewhere safe). If you get a lot of inside wheel spin with DTC turned down or off, then you dont have the e-diff.

Its not listed in the VIN. BMW didn't tell anyone when they did this, and it took some knocking on doors to get them to fess up to this change. I guess they didn't want to steal some lime light from the new introduction of the 1 series.