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Originally Posted by efunroom View Post
Yes. SZL is on F-CAN. The packet data is foward to PT-CAN by DSC. Then JBE foward the data from PT-CAN to K-CAN.
Hi efunroom,

Is this confirmed. Does the SZL steering button press go via the PT-CAN bus to the K-CAN?

The reason I ask is because I just fitted a little freescale to PT-CAN on my car to log engine data (if anyone can point me in the right direction for decoding PT-CAN engine data, please let me know!!), and I figured it may be useful to use the steering buttons as an interface to my logger. If my logger can pick up the button presses I could use it to control logging etc.

The only reason I question your logic is because the diagram in the first post shows that the F-CAN is connected directly to the JBE, so in theory couldn;t it act as a gateway direct from F-CAN to K-CAN rather than requiring the messages to go through DSC to PT-CAN first? Or is the JBE not actually active on the F-CAN bus and is only acting as a jumper to the SZL?

Anyway, so my questions are:

1) Are SZL button press message definately available on PT-CAN?
2) If so, has anyone got any info on how to find these messages (I am already able to read PT-CAN messages, but no idea how to determine the right IDs for these messages etc.)
3) Has anyone got any info on how to decode engine data messages on the PT-CAN bus?

Thanks in advance!!